Where Does Time GO?

Where oh Where has time gone? So much has happened in my life since my last blog. I feel shame for taking off for so long. chuckle…..

Well it’s time get right back into it. I’ve experienced a few flare ups since my last post. Same ole Same ole, but it scares me to death when my feet swell so bad. It hurts to bend them in any direction when their that tight feeling.
I heard from an old child hood friend the other day and she has been diagnosed with Lupus. Which I already knew, because we had been talking about it for the last six months and I learned some info on what steps she was on and OMG-I got sorta upset and I told her that if I had known all this, I would insisted she get to Shands Hospital in Jacksonville, FL and get in with their Rhuematology Clinic ASAP. See when I got diagnosed, my doctor then couldn’t refer me to any doctors here locally and made me an appointment two hours away and asked if I had a problem with that? I said No, Not at all. Cause if he didn’t trust any doctors locally and refered me two hours away, then I was okay with that. There was not anyone here in town that he trusted enough. See at that point, I had already gone into the gangrene stages with my toes and tips of my pointer fingers. UGH-Talking about pain.
Anyhow, she is just about to get all her records from all the doctors and then she will take them down to Shands to see if they can figure out a course of action to take with her.
When I went to UVA Medical Center in Charlottesville, Va., I had five different teams working on their specialties, where as she has had to go to each  doctors to do all the test needed. Lupus can affect ALL of your organs, that is what  I mean when I speak of the different teams, i…Lungs, heart, brain, bone, etc,) They did determine that she has Lupus, with a biopsy, so now what?  That is how they finally determined for me it was Lupus.

Well when they finally told me that is was Lupus, then I had to choose which high-powered medication was I going to choose. I chose Cytoxan, at that time, I did massive research on each drug he told me to look at. Cytoxan was a very aggressive drug. They were all scary but I had a gut feeling about it. So that was my sign from above. So anyhow, I had eight of these. It’s just like having chemo. Yuck!
I explained all this to her because they need to hurry up and do something to stop the progression of her disease. I think she understood what point I was trying to make. I told her I wished I had known all of that six months ago, cause I would have been on the phone a heck of a lot more, checking in on her to see if she was making progress.

Can you believe the Capital of Florida, Tallahassee, has only one (1) Rhuematologist in the whole dang town? And he is elderly I am told. Like almost eighty.
I couldn’t believe it.

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