Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!
I pray everyone is doing well. I am getting there, and I’ve been feeling good. I can not wait to share with you what I’ve been up too. It’s been great. I’ve been getting up everyday or other day and working. It’s been fun. It’s restored my self esteem, confidence and self worth. To some degree anyway!
I have finally found another way to contribute to my family, other than the disability check. I get to get dressed up again and do my hair. It makes me feel good. I will share in a few days.

2013 is going to be Our Year. Here’s to Our Success!

Lots of Love to Everyone.

Lesson Learned

Well, today I learned another valuable lesson. When typing your blog, use Word. I had just finished a pretty good and long blog and poof, a Firefox glitch and poof, gone. So I will update the new page another day.
Have a Good Weekend Everyone!

“You Don’t Look Sick”

This blog will be about Lupus and How I deal with it on a day to day basis. I am also 45 years old and going back to school. I will be sharing happenings in my life as well as Medical information that I will occasionally share as appropriate. My passion is also Internet Marketing, which is what I am studying to get my Bachelor of Science degree. I may need to sound off a bit about dealing with school and Lupus and the trial and tribulations that come with it.